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Torchmate Series CNC Plasma CUTTING MACHINES
The base model, Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutter, includes an extruded aluminum bolt together gantry with stepper motors. Our models include the integrated steel gantry and our high performance servo motor system. The servo motor system is capable of traverse speeds over 1500 inches per minute and cut speeds up to 500 inches per minute. All models are gearbox driven.
Fully Equipped Modern CNC Machining Capabilities

Our CNC Machining Facility "Job Shop" produces quality custom parts for our customers.  We machine most all materials including a large variety of stainless, cold & hot roll steel, aluminum's, and plastics. Every job is carefully planned for efficient machine shop flow.  This includes possible tooling, best sequence of operations, and attention to special finishes and tolerances.  The result being quality custom component parts that most often exceed customer requirements.  

We specialize in complex milling and turning for prototype machining, short run machining & mid run production machining.  In addition to CNC Turning and CNC Milling, we offer secondary operations such as grinding, deburring, blasting and special parts handling.  When it is necessary to go "outside" for special processes, i.e., plating, heat treating, painting, marking/etching. etc., we are supported by carefully selected vendors. 
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